Employer Testimonials

Ms. Williams is exemplary in her professionalism and she inspires others to be the same way. I have worked with Ms. Williams on several occasions and each time I have been very impressed and pleased with her. She has worked closely with us in helping us find the right person. I am confident that Ms. Williams could handle any request asked of her. I would highly recommend Ms. Williams to assist with finding the right person for the position available.

-R.S., Office Manager, Private Equity Fund

I’ve worked with Wisdom & Williams for the past six years. Their approach to recruiting shatters all the “headhunter” stereotypes. Before they send the first resume, they do everything they can to thoroughly understand both their client’s corporate and individual personalities. With their quality-not-quantity approach, I can trust that the candidates they present are of the highest caliber, not just on paper, but in the real world, too. Wisdom & Williams has been a breath of fresh air in what can be a frustrating process.

-Meryl, VP, Strategic HR & Business Development

Our organization has been a client of Wisdom & Williams for many years. During that time, they have demonstrated the unique ability to identify the right individual to fill any position we may have available. The thorough testing and reference checks are invaluable, and only qualified candidates with an interest in our positions are referred to us. It is a genuine pleasure to work with Wisdom & Williams!

-Kathy, Trade Association

Candidate Testimonials

The biggest factor that I saw with your Company was how you really strived to find the perfect fit between employers and employees.

-Patty W.

Thanks to Deb, three days after arriving in DC from my small town in Texas, I had the perfect job!
She evaluated my qualifications, analyzed my needs (both economic and personal) and selected the perfect job for me. If I had known things could happen this quickly and positively through Deb, I would have come to DC much sooner. Deb definitely takes the fear factor out of the job search.

-Angel S.

One of my Executive Vice Presidents knowing how eager I was to do more suggested that I call Wisdom and Williams. Debbie Williams lined up several interviews for me at places where I could only dream of getting interviews. I am now working at a great law firm. Even some of my friends, who are seasoned legal secretaries, are extremely envious of my position. Because of Debbie’s tireless efforts to help me, I have upgraded my job title several times and increased my financial standing tremendously. Thanks, Debbie. You’re the best!

– Gail R.

As a job seeker Debbie helped make the process as smooth as possible. She took the time to sit down and figure out what positions would not only match my skills, but also fit well with my personality. She was always very good at communicating throughout the process and giving pointers on feedback that she received from the companies I interviewed with. Even after accepting a position Debbie has followed up to see how things are going and making sure that the job is a good fit. I was very happy with the effort that she put into helping with my job search and I would use her again if I am ever back on the market.

-Jennifer M.

I found your frank and detailed interview style both refreshing and reassuring and the environment of Wisdom & Williams professional, but still very inviting, and was excited to begin working with you and your associates.

-Louisa H.

You have no idea how different Wisdom & Williams is from its competition. Debbie Williams was FANTASTIC. From the moment we met, I was so pleased at how interested she was in my professional and educational histories. It wasn’t the same drill. Above everything else, and most importantly, Debbie, and how quickly she will find you a well-suited job, is simply unbeatable. Debbie ‘came to bat’ for ME. She listened closely to what I could offer and really really thought about what kind of place would match ME. Not just anybody. It was also nice to know that while this is her day job, she has a vested interest in the company. It is her name on the door I am working all of me that I think shines. I am pleasantly challenged at work everyday. I work at a position with character that leaves me feeling important. It’s a nice feeling.

-Kami U.

This is a great match Deb, and I am very happy here and know I will be able to do a fantastic job. Job well done!”

-Courtney S.

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